Logo Designing


Logo Designing

Identity Creating is the process of acknowledging your company goals and then encapsulating your perspective and principles into images and other unique types. It is the mixture of corporate design, company and lifestyle of a company. At WTM, we have been providing an range of high-end identification designing services by mixing creativeness and technology for seven years now.


The logo is the first impact of an company. It symbolically symbolizes the essential principles of a company and makes attention among the focused viewers. It's an art of major creativeness that conveys the promotion concept in the most convenient way. Our professional logo developers have been efficiently designing famous, word indicate and mixture indicate images for companies enthusiastic about different company verticals.



Identity designing is not limited within logo designing. It is the combined act of showing your promotion concept through several channels of advertising. Associated with the truth, we also are dedicated to designing cards, letterheads, covers, catalogues, dockets etc.

  • Understanding the company viewpoint and purpose of the customer's business
  • Developing a promotion strategy publish performing research and suggestion.
  • Sketching and conceptualizing the promotion approach
  • Presentation of the concepts to the client
  • Final demonstration and delivery
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